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HeARTs Speak Perfect Exposure Project

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In 2013, HeARTs Speak launched its inaugural Perfect Exposure Project (PEP) workshops at two high intake shelters: Animal Care & Control of NYC and the Animal Care & Control Team of Philly.  The goal of PEP is to empower animal shelters to take better photographs and increase the response rate of potential adopters by positively promoting shelter pets.

What makes this project unique is its comprehensive structure:
•    A digital camera, lenses, and studio equipment are donated to each shelter.
•    Each shelter is surveyed to determine how a photography program will fit into their existing workflow with current resources.
•    A 2-day workshop is provided to lay the groundwork for a photography program and instruct participants on how to improve their photography skills in a shelter environment.
•    Phase II follow up is provided in the form of additional hands-on training, supplemental support and communication.
•    All of the above is designed around positive marketing and promotion, with an emphasis on current trends in animal welfare.

This approach addresses the immediate needs of animals currently in the shelter system and affects long-term change through positive promotion and the dissolution of stereotypes.

This innovative project was developed to educate and empower animal shelter personnel and volunteers to improve their photography skills, expand outreach, exponentially impact and ultimately improve the image and save the lives of more animals in shelters. HeARTs Speak plans to bring this project to additional high intake shelters across the country upon completion of the inaugural project.

To learn what was exposed by the PEP, click here.

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